Things to Know About Your Car

Owning a vehicle means there’s one that you want to avoid. You want to avoid spending a lot of money on its repair and maintenance. You will face large repair issues sooner than necessary if you fail to maintain your car regularly. This pertains to oil change, filter replacement, and fluid level upkeep. Many people know that that a vehicle a type of investment that must be cared for.

But there’s this secret about car maintenance that a lot of people don’t know about. Even if you’re diligent in repairing and maintaining your car and checking all the filters and fluids, your car will still be sent for repairs. You cannot avoid car repairs. It’s like taxes and death. The only way you can prevent it is to lease a car or trade-in your old one before it gets to be a problem. Here are some parts of your car that you will eventually replace or repair.

1. Battery

In about 5 years, your car battery will get weak, and it must be replaced. If you’re lucky, the battery may last you for six years. If you live in areas where the climate is hot, the battery will only last you three years. A new battery will cost you up to $140 to replace, depending on the brand and type that you need.

2. Water Pump

The task of the water pump is to circulate the coolant between the radiator and the engine to keep the latter from overheating. Once you reach a mileage of 70,000 miles, your car’s water pump will start to leak. The first indication of the issue is when the coolant starts leaking out of the pump shaft or vent hole.

The lack of coolant would inevitably cause engine overheating. It will help so much to apply a sealer to the radiator because it can’t fix the leak in the water pump. If the pump leaks, it must be replaced. This may cost you up to $150, including installation.

3. Fuel Pump

The fuel pumps on local automobiles usually fail at about 60,000 miles. If one minute you are all right and the next minute you are stuck, it may be because the fuel pump has died. Fuel pumps rarely warn against failure. Some may create a buzzing or cause some problems stalling or jumpstart problems, but that’s just about it. Most usually, though, they will simply stop working.

The problem could be something more than the fuel pump too. It could be a broken electrical connection, a poorly installed power relay, or a plugged fuel line or filter. Checking the fuel pump is important if your car’s engine isn’t getting enough fuel. Do not just remove it unnecessarily.

Also, newer cars are now using electrical fuel pumps. They are normally installed in the fuel tanks itself. As such, it has gotten more difficult, not to mention expensive, to install the replacement part. You’ll have to spend around $300 dollars for the new fuel pump and it will cost you almost the same amount to get it installed. If you need a fuel pump replaced, it is best that you request for professional Bergen auto repairs.