Child Custody How To Win It

When parents separate there is always a feeling of sadness despite the reason of separation. The feeling could be because the child could not have the whole family feeling or that they have to go through the difficulty of losing a parent.

However, like a person in a car accident the best thing to do is just to call a Colorado springs personal injury attorney; to control the damage as much as you could without gaping the wound farther. For a parent who is going to lose a child not being able to have the custody of their child can be a hard thing. So, the following are some tips so you can have a fighting chance and win the custody or at least shared custody of the child.

  1. Relationship

Build a strong relationship with your child. Even if you are not living with the child anymore. Keep updated with what is going on with your child. Visit you child and arrange time where you can spend time with them. Make sure to be visible in all aspects of the child’s life as much as you could. Be there for your child for school programs, for birthdays and whatnot.

  1. Support

If you are the father and your child is not with you, continue to pay child support even if the arrangement is not formal. Just make sure to keep the records, receipts, letters, or other form of child support arrangement for the child. There should be a record to ensure that the track record could be tracked down and that they are kept well.

  1. Space

Even if the child is not living with you, your child should still have a space for himself when they are in your home. There should be some place or space that he can call his in your house. Even if he is only there temporarily, this shows that you are serious and that you welcome his presence in your home most of all.

  1. Respect

The decisions can be hard to swallow sometimes, and that it would hurt. Showing respect however can go a long way. It shows that even if the parents didn’t end up well you still respect each other for the good that it could bring your child.

  1. Honesty

If one wants full custody one should be honest with oneself. Are you ready to face what it takes to help the child as best as you could. You should consider the good that it could bring your child first. Are you certain you can give the child all the support needed in between your other responsibilities.

It is important that you are honest with yourself when you want custody with your child. There will be sacrifices and sometimes it is going to be difficult for you but it is necessary so that the child would have at least much stability that you two as parents could give. There are other options so when you are not entirely sure make sure to ask people who have been through the same, or know how to handle the same case.