What is the best time of the year to have a tree removed in your property?

Tree removal cost can vary depending on many factors. One of these factors is the time in which you will cut the tree. Tree cutting is much less when it comes to cost during spring and winter months. There are reasons why it is the best time together with other factors you should consider when inquiring for estimate.

Cost of tree removal will also depend on company’s workload. This is because of the pricing of most companies is affected by the supply and demand. It is more likely that these companies would offer lower rates during the winter and spring because the need for having a tree removal in this season is lower in demand or nothing at all so companies offer low prices of their services to make sure that their business is going to be steady in these times of the year.

Statistically, February and March are cheaper compared to other months of the year and this is because these months are considered dormant season for trees for these months that the leaves of trees fall making the trees easier to clear. It is also advantageous to the environment when doing the tree removal in these months. Frozen ground could keep vegetation that is near in the tree to hold its ground during the extraction. Colder ground means there is less impact in the surroundings during the tree removal.

Tree companies are busy on the other hand in windy and stormy months in which most emergency tree removal is needed and also higher in demand in the late spring and in summer but you have to check also for the super low bids of other tree removal services. A reputable company is more likely to have complete licenses and operational permits needed for their company to operate legally and also, they have proper equipment to do the job in a safe procedure and that their employees are likely to have insurance so if you notice low rates that is unusual, be cautious for this company because they are more likely to skip cost in their employee and equipment. Always remember that the lowest cost does not mean that it is the best cost.

You can also have a tree removed in any season but it will impact the cost compared to dormant season but if you have a dying or diseased tree, it might require immediate attention because this pose a risk for you and your family. Dead limbs and branches might fall and hurt someone especially in stormy weather for this branches ha a high risk of falling when there are strong winds. If you want to wait for the dormant season to cut it off, make sure to secure the area that no one goes beside the dead tree but if more than half of the tree is dead, it is recommended that you should cut the tree and just leave the stump until the dormant season and leave the tree cutting job to the expert and has the right equipment to do the job safely and effectively.